Friday, November 13, 2009

Not a good night .....

well, not right now, though it was nice earlier this evening. I read while Shel worked his radios, then bed for a few hours; however, I woke as a headache was starting so the remedy for that was to get up and come downstairs, take two Aspirin, and try to get back to sleep on the loveseat. Didn't work ...... headache is mostly gone ...... sleep eluded me ..... and now the pain has struck both legs and feet. Spending some time on the computer until I'm sleepy again.
Some of the last leaves that graced our trees this fall ........ until the winds caused the last of them to dance towards the ground .........

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Another Good Morning! .....

coming up! Just that sort that makes you smile! :-) Did you see that flash of 'happy'? We had rain yesterday and over night, but now the sky is clearing in the east and the sun is making his appearance over the horizon ............ looking good!
Making a mental list of things to accomplish today before my energy fades ..... Just wanted to check in before the day begins in earnest .... and a certain little Basenji pokes her nose out from under the covers and decides to make life interesting around the place.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My old blog ......

is sitting out in bloggerland as lonesome as can be; yet will remain so, as I cannot get into it to post, or delete it. Grrrrr ......... Well truly ....... if I were 'computer wise' there might be a way. Presently that remains a mystery to me. Hopefully my old friends will find me soon and we can enjoy each others company once more. This past eleven months of no blogging have been busy and full of change at Wine Brook Cottage. That's life, isn't it?! ........ full of change ........ ready or not!! We're down in numbers ....... the goats have gone off to other homes ....... two homes in fact .... and good ones ........ where they are living the best of lives as pampered pets. They got to be too much for me physically to handle here so it was time for them to move on. Sad to see them go, of course; however, they are near enough to visit and I do keep in touch with one of the new owners.

Aren't they cute?? :-)
"Outside a church gate I picked up a discarded piece of paper. Thinking it could be a church notice of some kind, I opened and read it.
At the top, in neat writing, was the date and the heading 'Things To Be Grateful For Today'. It was a list of ten items, including: 'Finding That Secondhand Bookshop, Buying That Old Book, Seeing Those Puppies, Catching The Bus On Time and Meeting A Friend Again'.
Simple things, perhaps, but all obviously important to the writer. I was about to throw it into the nearby bin when, on impulse, I tucked it under the windscreen wipers of the clergyman's car, parked nearby.
Food for thought or maybe even an idea for the next sermon? That unknown person had the right idea. Perhaps we should all make a list every day and, in time, 'Things To Be Grateful For' would far outnumber 'Things To Grumble About'!"
Hmmmm ..........

Good Morning!

Dismal, rainy weather here today so I'm thinking of starting a wood fire to drive away the chill and sooth the weary body. Perhaps some knitting ......... Just what the doctor ordered! :-)

Monday, November 2, 2009

A bit of a struggle .....

...... trying to get back to blogging. At least I'm able to keep my same title, so perhaps old friends will find me again. It's been almost a year since I blogged last and Blogger has forgotten who I am already ......... unfortunately ........ :( ......... Let's see what happens when I try to publish this.